A Cost Saving Containment Solution

Our automated vac-containment system, controlled by our coveted Hydro-Vac Offload technology, will suck up any unwanted containment fluid down to less than 1/4″. The system works quickly and eliminates any human intervention. As soon as the containment zone sees liquid, the system will start instantaneously & work until every zone is cleared. Contact us at to set up a live demo today!

System Features & Benefits

  • Built with an embedded radar that can read & resolve down to 0.06 inches
  • Vacuum 250gpm from 500 feet away
  • Each system can accommodate (4) 4″ lines that will flow into one steel manifold
  • Each line has an electric valve so they can all work independently 
  • The system is programmed to monitor all 4 different containment zones constantly- if water rises above a setpoint, the stand will turn on a pump to suck the containment down in the zone with the highest amount & then move on to the next highest zone until all 4 areas are cleared 
  • The water can be pumped to any designated tank

Automatic Operation

  • Option to operate in automatic mode or manual mode
  • Programmed with a button on the HMI to send the unit into containment mode
  •  When operating in automatic mode, it sits idle and when it begins to rain the system will automatically turn on (eliminate any human intervention)
  • Can be programmed to have alarms when the containment zones reach a certain set point level

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