Eliminate drive away during offload cycle. Indefinitely.

The Safe-T-Cap system is designed to audibly & visually notify drivers that the truck is still connected to the offload hose, and to eliminate unconditioned pressure releases from happening. With flexible offerings, Comtech will provide the best option for your truck in order to prevent drive aways from happening & to keep truck drivers safe.


The Safe-T-Cap provides the dual benefits of personal safety and incident elimination. The notched camlock cap is modified with design capabilities to eliminate unconditioned pressure releases from happening. 

Safe-T-Cap System

The Safe-T-Cap system utilizes a proximity sensor designed into the cap that indicates when the 4″ port is secured or not. LED lights and a buzzer alarm located in the cab will notify the driver that the port is not capped and the hose is still connected to the truck. 

Watch a short video on how the Safe-T-Cap system alerts the driver.

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SAFE-T-CAP Options Outlined

  •  Notched Camlock Cap: eliminates unconditioned pressure release
  •  Full Safe-T-Cap System: dual purpose system installed with proximity sensor, lights and alarms to notify the driver when the hose is still attached while eliminating unconditioned pressure release

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