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Throughout our history, we have cut our teeth designing treatment methodologies to reduce environmental impact and cost of operations. We are proud of our roots and continue to focus on the following as we strive to exceed customer expectations:

Technical Expertise

Our in-depth water treatment knowledge allows us to work directly with exploration and productions companies to help them manage and solve most complex and complicated water-related matters. With on-staff chemical engineers, civil engineers, treatment facility experts and project managers, our staff is ready to develop a solution to meet your unique challenges – safely, sustainably and profitably.

On-Pad Treatment

The simple truth is this: centralized treatment doesn’t work in every situation. That’s why Comtech is ready with mobile, on-pad treatment systems that can move with your crews. In addition to our expertise and our ability to meet a wide array of customer demands, our unique ability to provide water treatment and waste solidification services in the field helps you succeed from our expertise. We can mobilize specialty equipment to your site, treat your water and process solids – minimizing trucking and treatment costs.

Fixed Facility Treatment

The economic and environmental advantages of reusing your produced fluids are many. When chemistry and technology meet, the possibilities become endless. Comtech’s ability to treat and manage all types of water, whether it be produced, acid mine drainage, or other types of waste streams allows us to provide holistic cost-effective solutions that will allow complete reuse of your waste waters for completions purposes. From permitting and construction to commissioning and operation, Comtech can provide a turn-key centralized treatment facility that meets your reuse needs.

Testing And Analysis

Project validation is critical to continued operational success. Comtech can sample your water and waste, run batteries of tests, and make cost recommendations to assist in cost/benefit and decision-making viability analysis.

Consulting Services

Our experts are ready to augment your team to develop tailored operational strategies for water and waste management. We’re here to help you boost your organizational capabilities any way we can.

Treatment Services Offered

Customized treatment solutions designed specifically to optimize your reuse program. Examples of current treatment projects include:
  • Iron sweep and Biological treatment
  • Barium and Calcium removal
  • Zebra Mussel Kill
  • Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) remediation
  • TDS/TSS Removal
Our expertise doesn’t stop there. We add value to the treatment and waste management equation with our solids handling and dewatering technology that includes:
  • Centrifuges
  • ALAR Rotary Vacuum Drum
  • Mobile Filter Presses

Take your project to the next level.