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110 BBLs in less than 7 minutes

The Hydro-Vac is an automated unloading system designed to expedite fluid hauling cycle times by offloading trucks in 5-7 minutes, or less. Using optional software technology, the system can communicate to trucks via a Bluetooth wireless signal, as well as prevent condensate contamination of inbound water storage.

Cycle Time

The current truck unloading process is labor intensive and lacks efficiency. Cycle time is defined as the cumulative time from when the truck enters the pad until the truck leaves the pad. With paperwork exchange and the truck unloading time being major factors contributing to time spent on the pad, the Hydro-Vac system actively works to minimize the time spent by creating a streamlined offloading process that positively impacts all components of the offload cycle. 

Keypad Entry

With a personalized key pad entry, the driver can start the Hydro-Vac and begin the unloading process. Automatically, the truck ID, truck company, driver information and time stamp will be logged into the system. With help from our Hydro-Gauge tank level measuring system, the volume of the truck is now known to the gallon. That data is wirelessly transmitted through a Bluetooth device to the HydroVac, and it will now know exactly how much was offloaded, and when the tank is empty.

HydroVac System Features

  • repeatable & reliable, with unload times less than 7 minutes
  • system can be deployed in just hours 
  • easy to navigate by the touch of a button, which  minimizes driver interaction & mismanagement
  • visual & audible prompts to notify the driver 
  • screen interface to educate & alert the driver
  • when the truck is empty, the hose is drained back into the system
  • all system components mounted & housed on a mobile trailer
  • designed for plug & play operation
  • equipped with offload stands & associated piping
  • option to work with HydroGauge & HC-DETX for an integrated seamless system
  • designed for drive thru configuration, but can be customized in any layout to the fit the pad design

Digital Information Exchange

We are pushing the limits and taking the communication far beyond simple e-ticketing. By programming the Hydro-Vac into an advanced software platform, it can constantly be working to manage traffic control & inbound logistics to optimize traffic flows. Integration with the Hydro-Gauge technology will allow for enhanced visibility into hauling volumes and transportation information. 

  • communication between truck & Hydro-Vac system
  • seamlessly supports regulatory reporting
  • uses truck information to digitize the ticket process
    • truck ID, origin, volume & amount unloaded
  • when offload is complete, the driver is notified  & prompted to perform walk around and depart

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