With our Gen I Hydro-Vac unloading system, we proved our technology to the Oil & Gas industry. In typical Comtech fashion, we wouldn’t be happy with ourselves if we didn’t keep advancing forward. Just like our Gen I system, the Hydro-Vac SS still gives you the automation, speed & safety to minimize the time spent on pad, however with this new, coveted technology you will get much, much more. You will now know to the gallon exactly how much was unloaded from every truck, in real time. This single stand system offers enhanced data capture through our newly developed web app FLUID, increased monitoring, flexibility in pad layout with all system components mounted on each single stand…..the future is now

Hydro-Vac SS Benefits

  • SPEED: unload 110 BBLS in less than 7 minutes
  • DATA: real time visibility into unloading volumes and so much more
  • CONDENSATE: in line condensate detection & re-direction
  • AUTOMATION: reduce labor with a fully automated system
  • SAFETY: designed for a drive thru configuration 
  • DEBRIS: built in strainers for debris monitoring and capturing

HydroVac System Features

  • repeatable & reliable, with unload times less than 7 minutes
  • system can be deployed in just hours & operated by a single attendant
  • each stand can handle 6 trucks/hr
  • with complete automation, the driver can easily navigate the system by the touch of a button using the screen interface
  • each individual stand contains all system components
    • dimensions: 4 x 13 ft.
    • each stand draws 70 amps of power
  • data capture is completely customizable to the customer’s wants & needs
  • in line condensate detection & re-direction 
  • built in strainers for debris monitoring 
  • designed for drive thru configuration, but can be customized in any layout to the fit the pad design
  • with real time visibility into unloading volumes, you will know exactly how much was unloaded from each truck and the total amount unloaded on each pad, every day


With our newly developed FLUID web app, we are pushing the limits and taking the communication far beyond what we’ve seen in the past. Using our internal data capture capabilities on pad through the Hydro-Vac system technology, each client will have their own unique dashboard customized to their own valued metrics. With a live report 24/7, they can access this information at any time. From there, we will create a comprehensive report that our clients can utilize to generate actionable insights throughout their water logistics network. This data can be custom tailored to pre-existing logistics software platforms to ensure seamless integration within the client’s operation.

See below for an example data report that can be delivered to your email every morning.

Need even quicker offload times?

The Gen I Hydro-Vac system is still hard at work....

Our original system has been busy with customers, while still finding time for improvements. With keypads recently installed, the driver will enter a unique identifier which will automatically start the system. At that time, the truck ID, company, driver information, time stamp and more will be logged into the system.

With (2) 4 inch hoses installed, the drivers can now unload their trucks in 3-4 minutes!

Take your project to the next level.