Precise Tank Level & Volume System. 99.99% Accurate.

Designed with precise accuracy and rugged durability in mind, the Hydro-Gauge system can reliably measure the liquid level and volume in tank trucks to one gallon. Every truck is unique and calibrated to ensure 99.99% accuracy. This direct radar based system can accommodate virtually any type of liquid or solid, and the level readings are not affected by the tilt or inclination of the truck. Multicolored lighting package prompts the driver to ensure the truck is filled to 0.3 BBLs of scrub. EVERY. TIME.

Hydro-Gauge Equipment

The Hydro-Gauge hardware package includes:

  • a direct radar, with no vertical protrusion
  • readout screens located in the cab and at the rear filling position: both relay the highly accurate data in real time
  • a multicolored LED light package to prompt the driver during filling¬†
  • bluetooth enabled & compatible

Set Point

Optional integrated software allows direct input of a preset volume quantity. This functionality allows the driver to fill the specific fluid volumes. For example: if the driver can only load 80BBL in the truck due to weight, they can utilize the set point feature to ensure precisely 80BBL is loaded, and not a drop more. This feature also ensures that a truck is truly loaded to maximum capacity when weight is not a limiting factor. 

Additional Hydro-Gauge Features & Specifications

  • Radar-based measuring equipment, with a low profile design
  • Durable PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) construction provides chemical resistance in harshest environments
  • Single tank mapping process ensures long term accuracy
  • Patent pending
  • 5 year warranty
  • Suitable for articulating trailers
  • Bluetooth functionality
  • Optional software: beyond simple E-ticketing
  • Class1/Div1

Regulatory Reporting

With the Hydro-Gauge system the volume of the truck is now known to the gallon. For the first time the fluid volumes can be accurately tracked, and the exact volume is measured when a truck is done unloading. With fluid being transported all across the basin, you now have the ability to know where your fluid is, and exactly how much. No more lost barrels, no more fines. The Hydro-Gauge has the option to operate using our advanced software platform that will improve regulatory reporting, manage traffic control & inbound logistics to optimize traffic flows, and much more. 

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