Highly Accurate HydroCarbon Detection System

Continuous. Real Time Visibility. Sensitive to 1PPM.

Our HC-DETX in-line system can detect condensate & oil in concentrations as low as 1 PPM. The system will prevent these hydrocarbons from contaminating trucks and fracs. With design capabilities to eliminate flow or redirect flow upon detection, the HC-DETX will ensure your systems are protected from accepting condensate & oil into unwanted locations. 


The entire goal of the HC-DETX hydrocarbon detection system is prevention…..to prevent condensate and oil from encroaching on trucks and fracs. Real time visibility allows you to control hydrocarbon movement, preventing it from reaching unwanted parts of the operation.

  • placing a sensor on the loadout manifold of production tanks will prevent hydrocarbons from ever leaving the pad
  • placing a sensor at offloading stations prevents hydrocarbon encroachment on the frac


Real time concentration monitoring allows hydrocarbon-laden water to be re-directed to a separation tank. Re-directing hydrocarbons prevents wholesale contamination of frac site water. Rejection set points can be customized based on operational guidelines.

HydroCarbon Tailings

Most trucks retain 5-10 gallons of produced water in the truck when they unload. After several loads, hydrocarbons collect and concentrate at the top of the tank, causing a tail in data collection. During a 500-truck field trial, we found that the majority of trucks had condensate, with some having significant amounts causing it to be rejected. 

Additional HC-DETX Features & Specifications

  •  Class 1/Div 2 design for use in hazardous environments
  •  Accurate to 1 PPM
  •  Provide real-time visibility into hydrocarbon volumes delivered into centralized facilities 
  •  Custom installation: installed directly into process infrastructure
  • Designed to eliminate flow or redirect flow upon detection
  • Simple calibration & cleanliness checks
  • Easily configured for integration into existing site telemetry and infrastructure for remote monitoring
  • Robust skid designed for Oil & Gas environments
  • Skid dimensions: 4.29 ft. x 3.04 ft. 

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