Even when you’re handling a million gallons, less is more

Our above-ground engineered tanks give you more storage in less space for hydraulic management far beyond the typical storage solution – and helping reduce the size and cost of a well pad.

Turnkey Solutions

Comtech’s expert tank manufacturing group offers everything you need to implement your unique 
water storage solutions. From design, layout and permitting to erection, testing, commissioning and 
operating your facility, Comtech has you covered!


  • 36 feet tall
  • 71 feet in diameter
  • Holds up to 24,000 bbls
  • Four day construction duration (pending serious weather events)
  • Interior corrosion and brine resistant coating

The standard for tanks


Our tanks are designed to meet the AWWA D103 standard, the only engineered mobile tank in the oil and gas space to meet this requirement.

Over 12,000 crane lifts, and still going strong

With over 150 Constructions, and 80 deconstructions, our team of NCCCO Certified Riggers and crane operators continue to set the gold standard for incident free safe work practice.

Simply Versatile Storage

The DYNA Tank system gives you the versatility you need today to store all types of impaired water. And it’s a truly mobile solution that can be deconstructed and easily relocated as your play evolves.

Quick Facts:

DYNA water storage tank, red valve allows for easy access to high volumes of water


The DYNA Tank was designed with functionality in mind. The system is capable of moving high volumes of water, re-circulation, sampling, and equalizing all at the same time. Tanks can be oriented to fit your needs.

DYNA Tank level monitoring with red level, technology package, radar, telemetry


We outfit the DYNA Tank system with redundant level measuring systems to ensure that your operation has accurate real time data. We offer additional technology packages that can include guided wave radar and telemetry.

big bolts, 10000 ten thousand grade 8 zinc plated bolts, construction of Comtech million gallon water tank

10,000 Bolts

Each full DYNA Tank includes over 10,000 grade 8 zinc plated bolts. Comtech is committed to delivering the highest quality possible to our clients, so we provide new hardware as part of each construction. Our teams follow a rigorous QA/QC protocol to ensure our training exceeds client expectations.

Large nine foot long A-3 Tank ring, green DYNA tank, white lettering, large bolts

Built for Purpose

The one million gallon DYNA Tank consist of four 9’ tall rings. Each ring can be removed (reducing the volume by 250,000 gal) to accommodate your needs by reducing the required containment footprint.

Comtech DYNA Tank mirror accessory, functionality of big green tank


We offer a number of other accessories for convenience and efficiency. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop solutions, based on the needs of our clients, to increase the functionality of the DYNA Tank system.

Large silver weight, Easy Access to Rig, DYNA Tank System

Need the Facts?

Download our DYNA Tanks fact sheet to have this information accessible at all times.

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