A Cost Saving Disposal Solution

With the recent merger of DeepRock Disposal and Fountain Quail Energy Services, the combined company now occupies two well positioned offload sites for produced water via barge in the Appalachian basin, creating a single touchpoint for all customers. This alternative solution will allow companies to reduce costs by providing them with a more viable option for disposal, with distance previously being a cost issue for many. 

Benefits For Our
Customers & Basin

  • increased brine transportation capacity 
  • all-in cost reduction of water disposal
  • more flexibility for our customers
  • creates safer roadways in the community by eliminating the need for dozens of long-haul trucks multiple times a day



Bellaire Harbor Services located in Bellaire, OH and Guttman Energy in Belle Vernon, PA will be the initial points of origin for the barge service.


The barge offload facilities are located in Marietta, OH and Portland, OH with a current combined capacity of over 30,000 BBLS per day. With these two facilities up and running, we will be able to reach an entirely new customer base, as well as drastically lower the all-in cost of water disposal for operators across the basin. 

The first facility, in Marietta, will begin to offload barges in Q1 of 2021, and the second (Portland) will be ready for offtake by mid-2021 creating redundancy and scale.

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