Advanced Fluid Measurement Technology

Fluid Agnostic. 99.99% Accurate.

Whether you are seeking accuracy, repeatability, safety or real time data capture, our advanced fluid measurement technology will achieve that and more. This system works with any fluid, and the installation is 100% customizable to fit your vessel type. Recent applications include but are not limited to; isotainers, acid tankers, frac tanks, chemical totes and production water trucks.

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Production Water

Chemicals & Acid

The Hydro-Gauge system can reliably measure the liquid level in your tank truck, with 99.99% accuracy. With multiple features to support filling the truck with ease, you can ensure your truck will be filled to its’ full point every time. Due to manufacturing differences in tanks, each truck is custom calibrated at the start to ensure long term accuracy. With multiple read out screens, the driver has real time visibility into tank volumes at all times.


Remove your men from the line of fire with no manual strapping required. With our calibrated Chem-Gauge level measurement system, you can monitor every component of your frac chemicals. It is fluid agnostic, and can accommodate virtually any type of chemical. With corrosion proof PVDF coating, the level sensor will not have a chance of being damaged and it will remain 99.99% accurate at all times. 

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