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We may be best known for our tank work today, but we’ve always looked at all the ways we can help clients improve the way they handle, treat, and reuse water. See how Comtech can help you with our additional offerings.

Backyard Services

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In today’s oil and gas industry, every project and every rig is different. And that’s how we built our Drilling Services Program. We combine technology and chemistry to optimize drilling rates and reduce costs with our solids control, water clarification, and chemistry management.

Our personnel are uniquely trained to adapt a chemical treatment program and equipment operating parameters to always produce high quality cuttings that require no solidification aids, resulting in lower trucking and disposal costs.

4-20 mA Bluetooth Transmitter

This patent-pending device is engineered to transmit data derived from a standard 4-20mA signal. Once recorded, this data can universally be sent via Bluetooth to any integrated software program for data analytics, logistics, and coordination purposes. Developed by Comtech to send fluid level data from trucks in real time, this device has numerous applications across industries. This device can also be combined with RFID technology.

We use it today to transmit data that is collected from the Hydro-Gauge through a 4-20mA signal & insert it into a software platform used for logistics purposes.


NORM Surveying

We take a proactive approach to handling Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM). Led by our Radiation Safety Officer and Radiation Safety Specialists, our Radiation Protection Program works to address NORM to protect the environment, employees, and company assets. Count on us to assist with:

  • NORM Surveying (pits, tanks, equipment, liners, and more)
  • NORM Reporting (reports generated with a complete analysis of NORM levels on surveyed equipment)
  • Composite Sampling & Lab Analysis (used for HSE record-keeping and waste disposal)

Our favorite problems are the ones that don’t fit neatly into one category. If you have a challenge you simply can’t tackle, contact us right away. We’ll dive in with the full force of our experience and our people. We live for this stuff!

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