Safety – it’s the Comtech Way

At Comtech, we don’t look at safety as a requirement, we look at it as a way of life. We challenge our team members to live by this core value, not only on the job site but in their personal lives as well. We don’t just talk about it though. We can prove it with real-life data:

comtech stats
Comtech Industries utilizes a Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) Program that continually focuses on employees’ attention and action on their own, and others, daily safety behavior and conditions. The BBS Program provides Comtech with a proactive approach and routine trending (weekly and monthly) to determine potential risks.  Honest and on-time reporting by our employees allows us to quickly recognize changing conditions and allowing us to initiate corrective and preventive measures to avoid incident occurrence / recurrence.
  • We believe in continuously educating our team on best practices and provide opportunities for learning, mentoring, and support.
  • Our mentality: Do it safely or not at all. We always have time to complete a job the right way.
  • Comtech is an ISNetworld Contractor, keeping up-to-date on the latest rules and regulations governing our operations.
  • Engrained in the minds and work ethic of our team rests The Comtech Way, our highest standard for success.
  • Our in-house HSE Superintendent and HSE Specialist are influential in guiding ISN Logo our team toward best practices.
  • Our goal is zero incidents, and we work to attain that goal each day.