About Comtech Industries

Comtech plays a significant role in the productivity of those we serve. We rely on our experience and expertise to innovate, design, and execute plans that leave a positive impact on the world.

We take full advantage of the opportunities our customers bring to us because we see them as a chance to start a revolution for those we serve. Regardless of our market, we have continued to succeed in delivering reliable, safe, and effective innovation – and we firmly believe our success would not be possible without a commitment to our customers, our team, and the environment. As we anticipate continued success, we remain dedicated to our vision and our mission.

Comtech Industries Inc napkin, png, DYNA water storage tank innovation, original drawing

Can a single bar napkin hold 3-million gallons of water?

Back in early 2012, Comtech Industries was knocking on all the oil and gas operator’s doors touting the benefits of our produced water treatment process and looking for new challenges.  One of the big-three operators mentioned to Comtech that they wanted to divest themselves from in-ground storage pits in the Marcellus and go vertical with storage tanks.  They approached over a dozen tank manufacturers looking for a mobile, one million gallon tank and were told it was likely impossible, and would take years to design and prototype.  Comtech has always been a disrupter in our space, and we accepted the challenge.  One night in a restaurant, the oil major’s rep and our President, Dean Grose, sketched out the vision of a three-tank battery of mobile tanks.  The footprint for the tank battery would fit in the typical one million gallon pit footprint but would provide triple the storage volume.  Flash forward 9-months.  Comtech ran with that conceptual idea and had a working prototype designed, fabricated, and undergoing trials by early Fall.  The first 3-tanks would be deployed on-site and in operation before the end of 2012.  A construction process that would typically take 30+ days was reduced to 4-days.  One million gallon tank batteries could now be deconstructed one week, transported to a new site and erected by the end of the next week.  Millions of bolts later, we are still servicing clients with those mobile tanks.  What’s sketched on your napkin?

Our Vision

To be recognized as the industry-leading innovator and business partner of choice for treating and managing water, recovered waste, and associated by-products in a safe and sustainable way.

Our Mission

To create a culture of trust that empowers and stimulates creative thinking as we achieve rapid and sustainable growth within the Oil & Gas and Industrial Markets.