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Rising to the Unique Water Challenge

The same facilities that power our world require the most abundant element from the world – water. How do they treat the water they need in order to increase production levels? There is a great reliance on chemistry, equipment, and engineered innovation to help production occur. We provide the materials, insight, and experience needed to meet that challenge.

Services Offered

Comtech Industries Specialty Chemical Areas of Operation are

  • Boiler Water Treatment
  • Cooling Water Treatment
  • Raw/Wastewater Treatment
  • Facility O&M Programs
  • System audits and process improvement

Equipment Selection and Installation

Drawing on decades of experience, Comtech can work with your team to spec and install:

  • Pump/Feed packages
  • Custom built treatment systems
  • Water testing kits
  • System telemetry and automation

Lab and Analytical Services

Our team of industrial water experts can support your systems with the following lab and analytical services:

  • Water and Deposit Analysis
  • Metallographic Reports
  • Coupon and Corrosion studies
  • Corrosion and Scale Modeling
  • Micro-biological Analysis

The EPCO Model (Engineer, Procure, Construct, Operate)

Let the Comtech team manage your project from inception through permitting, deployment, and operation.

  • Water treatment facilities
  • Waste solidification facilities
  • Water/Waste handling facilities
Our favorite problems are the ones that don’t fit neatly into one category. If you have a challenge you simply can’t tackle, contact us right away. We’ll dive in with the full force of our experience and our people. We live for this stuff!

Take your project to the next level.