Industrial & Environmental Solutions

The Difference

Our consultants have extensive experience (not only in environmental compliance) but in operations and process management. We know / understand the challenges in maintaining both operational throughput and environmental / safety compliance. This experience allows us to provide solutions that are effective in meeting the needs of your business to ensure success.
environmental solutions


We believe our clients should be part of the process – so we provide frequent status updates, background information, and ongoing support to make sure that our recommendations can be implemented successfully. We will also train our clients, if they choose, during the process so that they will understand how to execute reporting, monitoring, and training.


Our consultants have experience across various industries (and all across the United States and Canada) including:

– Paint solutions and manufacturing
– Chemical (high risk)
– RCRA Part B storage, transfer, treatment and disposal
– Oil and gas – onshore / offshore drilling and fracking
– Refineries (oil and gas)
– Water treatment
– Food manufacturing (distilleries, dairy, frozen, beverages)
– Automotive
– Manufacturing (building products, electrical equipment, safety equipment, boxes)

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