Frac Chemical Monitoring. 99.99% Accurate.

Eliminate safety hazards associated with manual tank strapping and remove your men from the line of fire. INDEFINITELY. Designed with precise accuracy and rugged durability in mind, the calibrated Chem-Gauge system can reliably measure the volume in chemical tankers and totes. This system can accommodate virtually any type of chemical, and is 99.99% accurate. With real time visibility into inventory and logistics, as well as absolute accuracy for billing and reporting, managing your frac chemicals is now a seamless operation. 

Chem-Gauge Applications

All but not limited to:
  • Chemical/Acid Tankers
  • Totes
  • Isotainers
  • Frac Tanks
  • Temporary Systems: removable & customizable system to work with any chemical container. The sensor will be housed in an enclosure that is easy to transfer from one to the next. 
  • Bulk Delivery: dedicated system can be permanently installed in the chemical tanker to provide real time visibility for level readings & usage. The system can be customized for your application.
  • Mini Bulk Delivery: utilize the bulk tanker to make milk runs to multiple locations. A printer can be installed for real time ticketing. 

Wired Information Exchange


Monitor volume for all tanks & totes, and report inventory levels real-time to the data van

Deliver signal data to the trailer for integration into existing platform


Chem-Gauge Hardware

  • Corrosion proof sensor with PVDF coating (photo on left)
    • 36% HCI-9,000 hr at 104C
    • No degradation in those conditions
  • PLC driven platform
  • Readout screen
    • configuration & location customizable 
  •  LED light package for level indication/inventory management
Everything is custom designed. We will create a package that works for you, solely based on what is important to you. 
Application & Installation = 100% customizable

Take your project to the next level.