Think Green!

A day marked with the color green, St. Patrick’s Day has been a time-honored tradition across the globe. So what does this holiday have in common with the work we do? Think: Green!

At Comtech, we pride ourselves in our patented Above Ground Water Storage Tank System. Over the past two years, we have worked successfully to revolutionize the Marcellus & Utica Shale Plays through this system – most commonly noted with our “big green tanks”. What’s interesting is that our “big greens” aren’t only green in their color, they are also green for our environment. Consider this while thinking about what lies at the core of our revolution:

  • Comtech’s tanks mean a zero ground penetration and are a portable water storage solution (our three tank teams serve throughout the mobilization and demobilization process)
  • Each tank can quickly be relocated from site to site providing flexibility needed to meet temporary water storage needs
  • Comtech’s tanks are resourceful for unconventional oil sites that use a limited well pad area.
  • Designed to help provide smaller footprints on well sites, the Above Ground Water Storage Tanks reduce construction and ground impoundment costsDSCN0003
  • On average, each tank saves 33,500 square feet per ground impoundment, allowing a less congested pad site
  • In addition to the footprint savings, Comtech’s tanks offer consistency and a safer work environment – eliminating the need for pits and reducing the impact on the environment

Above Ground Water Storage Tank Fast Facts:

  • Capacity: 1 MILLION GALLONS
  • Footrint: 72 feet in diameter, 4,077 square feet
  • 33,500 ft2 footprint reductions based on the average pit size
  • Designed in accordance with AWWA D103-09 specifications


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