Safety Training Calendar Unveiled

“We know better”… As we hold ourselves to the highest health, safety, and environmental standards, Comtech’s Safety Department has released this statement about a few of our upcoming trainings and safety programs:

Most of us have the necessary knowledge, training, and experience to do our jobs safely and correctly. No one wants to be injured or to injure others while on the job; yet we continually ignore common sense and take short cuts which may result in an injury.  The U.S. Dept. of Labor reports that 90% of work related injuries were preventable by the person that was injured. The excuses often heard are: “I knew I shouldn’t, but I thought this one time…”, “I forgot…”, “I just thought it would save time…”

We, as professionals, know better, and yet we still cut corners exposing ourselves to unsafe conditions. There are as many short cuts and excuses (none of them worth an injury or death) as there are rules and regulations against them.  So why do we do it? Performing exercises such as Stop-Work Authority and Hazard Incident Scenarios help the department track and trend our behavioral safety and human performance.  At Comtech, we believe our work is about taking the extra step, not the short cut.

Comtech demonstrates this when it comes to training our employees how to work safely and how to behave in such situations.  The HES Department has rolled out the 2014 Safety Calendar including various topics such as first aid, equipment operation training, general awareness, and more.  (Sign up sheets are available in our Warehouse. Please email Loren McAnany if you require assistance,

We, as Comtech, know better when it comes to taking short cuts.


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