Customer Service + Excellence = Success

We subscribe to a commitment of unwavering customer service and excellence by providing our clients with a quality experience unsurpassed in the industry. Below we have complied a list of unsolicited testimonials we’ve received from satisfied clients.

If you are one of our clients, we would enjoying hearing from you. Your input helps us continue to deliver the best we have to offer and challenges us to strive for success. Please contact us if you are interested in providing a testimonial on how we made a difference and found a solution for you.


“This was the first time that I had the opportunity to work on the same project with Comtech Industries. We must not let this type of performance go unrecognized when this could be beneficial to set the ‘standard of practice’ for construction operations on all projects. While keeping safety number one in the operation, every aspect of the erection of the newly designed tank system was like watching a finely orchestrated military drill.  It takes a considerable effort to impress someone that has been completing projects for over forty years, but this was a class act throughout.
In all from design to field management and the obvious upper management influence, this facilitated an enjoyable project and hopefully a model for the future.”

Chambers W., Principal, Engineering Firm

“I want to let you know that I am very pleased with the way you handle our account.  As a company, you are exceptional to work with and I never has to worry if there will be a problem when dealing with you. You are easy to talk to when there is a problem, and work quickly and efficiently to resolve anything that is thrown your way. I could not ask for better customer service.”

Laverna M., Water Treatment Technical Leader, Power Industry

“The service provided by the Comtech staff is excellent they are prompt, proactive and diligent.  They are also very helpful in plain problem solving, anywhere we find ourselves needing help.  They are very safe and stress safe habits when training or assisting our employees in the various areas we have them functioning in.  They are available at all times for our shift employees who may need help and have been able to locate and deliver chemicals faster than any other supplier in a crunch situation.  They are very approachable by our employees for questions and if they don’t know the answer immediately they will find an answer for our employees in a timely manner and relay it directly.
I can’t recommend the Comtech group enough.”

Stephen K., Environmental Engineer, Pulp & Paper Industry

“I have read your report. Your conclusions and recommendations are right on the money.  Thank you for your usual spectacular work.”

Paul T., Operations/Maintenance Manager, District Steam, Heating Industry