The Comtech Difference

Comtech plays a significant role in the productivity of those they serve. We rely on our experience to innovate, design, and execute plans that leave a positive impact on the world.

West Virginia EPA Superfund Site

comtech-industries-solids-dewatering-waste-cost-reductionComtech developed a unique solution after failure by a number of other groups to dewater waste sludge at the site reducing disposal cost per ton by an estimated 80%. Along with the cost per ton savings, the Comtech solution reduced the overall environmental impact of the site by the eliminating fuel consumption from 100+ truck trips per year to and from the site, and reducing the amount of material to be landfilled by 90+%.

Chevron’s Marcellus Shale Air Rigs

air-rigComtech works with Chevron’s Marcellus Shale Air Rigs to dewater and manage the drill cuttings produced from the air drilling process. Results show that the Comtech system outperforms all other Chevron Air Section solids management programs by producing significantly less cuttings weight, resulting in large savings for Chevron by lowering landfill and solidification costs.

As a recent value added service, Comtech developed a high performance, low cost program to further clean the water produced during the drilling process such that it can be directed to the onsite pit that and used as a recycled water source for fracturing the wells on the pad. The initial run for this system processed over 1,000 barrels of good quality water that was sent to the onsite pit, rather than the former practice of paying for trucking and treatment at an offsite stationary treatment facility. Also, the environmental footprint was lessened by utilizing a recycled water source rather than additional fresh water for the fracturing process.