Perfecting Efficiency and Safety


Warehouse prep

Behind the Scenes on Warehouse Grounds: Tank teams prep panels for an upcoming build

As the Shale industry continues to develop in both the Marcellus and Utica plays, Comtech has been challenged to diversify its offerings while working to provide innovative water containment and treatment systems.

Prior to going out on each well pad site, we find it critical to perfect our practices – these don’t just happen out in our field but also in our warehouse. We view the work there to be critical to our field operations. In many ways, our warehouse is not just a housing space but also a staging facility for the work Comtech completes out in the field. Throughout 2014, our aim is to continue following 10 tenets of safety while being mindful of our motto, “There’s always time to do it right” and “do it safely or not at all.”

The month of January was dedicated perfecting our warehouse operations.  This involves inventorying items, staging materials, building valves, equipping manifolds for field use, and loading trucks for upcoming site work where our mobile tank units will be constructed and deconstructed.

We are pleased to announce that new plans to make our warehouse operations safer and more effective. This involves a new labeling and inventory system. The end result will support Comtech field crews by tracking inventory on a real time basis and minimizing down time. In addition to providing employees with the safest practices in the industry, all crew employees were recently equipped with one year’s supply of basic PPE – a requirement for each day.

If you require more information about Comtech’s dedication to safety and PPE policies, please contact our office.



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