Less is more…

Less space, more storage. A new method for managing frac fluid that’s far beyond your typical water storage solution. Our above ground water storage tanks are helping reduce the size and cost of a well pad – replacing pits and allowing for flowback water to be recycled.

From frac to back, our 1 Million Gallon tanks are designed to simplify every aspect of frac fluid handling

  • 36 feet tall
  • 71 feet in diameter
  • Holds up to 23,810 barrels of water
  • 33,541 sq. feet footprint reductions based on average pit size
  • Designed in accordance with AWWA D103-09 specifications
  • Interior and exterior corrosion resistant coating
  • Open top with wind girder (cap option available)


Our unique manifold is designed for the separation of various waters and is a turnkey solution when going to frac and during flowback.