NORM Surveying

DSCN0196A proactive approach…

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material, otherwise known as NORM, includes materials found in the environment enriched with radioactive elements. During natural gas production, these elements are released into the atmosphere and found in industrial wastes or byproducts.

Today, many Oil & Gas producers, operators, service companies, and organizations are proactively addressing NORM for the health and safety of their employees and the environment.

Our Radiation Protection Program works to address NORM and protect the environment and assets of those working and affected by the industry. Our team is led by our Radiation Safety Officer and Radiation Safety Specialists.

Our program entails the following:

  • NORM Surveying (pits, tanks, equipment, liners, and more)
  • NORM Reporting (reports generated with a complete analysis of NORM levels on surveyed equipment)
  • Composite Sampling¬†& Lab Analysis (used for HSE recordkeeping and waste disposal)