Oil & Gas

What if we could take a traditional well pad and revolutionize it in a way that would save costs, help the environment, and increase production?Skyward2128DSC

That time is finally here.

Our various programs have cause for greater production in Marcellus Shale play while saving costs… it’s a new revolution for the industry. We realize that Shale production needs to be done in an environmentally and economically responsible manner, so we have built the following:



Drilling Services

Far beyond a one-size-fits-all approach… Each project and rig is different and that diversity extends to our Drilling Services Program. We combine technology and chemistry to optimize drilling rates and reduce costs with our solids control, water clarification, and chemistry. We’ve engineered yet another way to decrease production costs while … Continue Reading →


Less is more… Less space, more storage. A new method for managing frac fluid that’s far beyond your typical water storage solution. Our above ground water storage tanks are helping reduce the size and cost of a well pad – replacing pits and allowing for flowback water to be recycled. From frac … Continue Reading →


Recycling… Reuse… Reproduction Comtech’s water reuse technology treats flowback water after each hydraulic fracturing process, allowing 100 percent of treated water to be reused at the next frac. When chemistry and technology meet, the possibilities are endless, and water turns to its original clean state, offering not only an economic … Continue Reading →

NORM Surveying

A proactive approach… Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material, otherwise known as NORM, includes materials found in the environment enriched with radioactive elements. During natural gas production, these elements are released into the atmosphere and found in industrial wastes or byproducts. Today, many Oil & Gas producers, operators, service companies, and organizations … Continue Reading →