Matters of the Marcellus

For nearly the past 10 years, the Marcellus Shale formation has served as a bedrock for industry in the Appalachia region – literally.  At Comtech, we strive to bring new technology to the energy industry while producers continue their boom. From drilling services and solids control to water storage and frac fluid management, to flowback treatment, and the follow up NORM surveys and composite analyses, the work we complete has undoubtedly strengthened safe shale development. It is an exciting time for the game of shale play.

Marcellus Shale formation  Source: The Marcellus Shale Coalition

Marcellus Shale formation
Source: The Marcellus Shale Coalition

The technology we bring to and beneath the surface of the earth has advanced production, and as a recent article points out the many additional exciting facts about the advancement of the Marcellus Shale. Here are a few matters (as explained in the article) to keep in mind as we continue to make the most of our world’s resources:

  • Marcellus rigs outpace rigs across the nation. Each Marcellus rig is expected to produce nearly 6,500 cubic feet of gas per day this month.
  • Drillers are now determining ways in which to drill longer wells (approximately 7,000 feet).
  • Pennsylvania is recognized as one of the country’s leading natural gas producing states. In 2013, approximately 3 trillion cubic feet of gas was produced from Pennsylvania wells. In so doing, Pennsylvania surpassed Louisiana’s production levels. Each day, the state looks more like Alaska when it comes to production.
  • A recent report indicates that 1.7 trillion cubic feet of gas was captured from July through December. This record high for the state is a 47% increase from a year ago.

As new technology advances and the boom continues, we look forward to the exciting opportunities that await and rising to each challenge.




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