Feeling Taxed? A High Regulatory Standard

Today marks Tax Day, the deadline date for filing income taxes in the United States. While today belongs to Uncle Sam, it is a reminder of the regulatory standard to which we are all held accountable. It inevitably poses the question: “Are you feeling taxed?”

That standard that is the result of regulations set forth by the government – a standard no different than the one we hold here at Comtech. The services we supply to leading industry partners in Oil & Gas production and major industrial facilities in the result of regulatory standards. These regulations exist to ensure the safety of workers, the environment, community, and our future. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania multiple environmental protection laws govern oil and gas operations.

Whether in permitting, drilling, frac fluid management, containment, waste disposal (only to name a few), each portion of well pad operations must comply with the corresponding regulations. The question posed to operators is how can they abide by, stay abreast of, and successfully implement these standards in their daily activities.

At Comtech, we have developed the Pad of the Future – which has led to greater efficiency and safer operations from drilling to completions. The following programs have helped us create the Pad of the Future:

The Pad of the Future has been tried, tested, and successfully implemented – earing us the distinction of Supplier of the Year and many other acknowledgments in the Marcellus and Utica Plays.

The Oil & Gas Industry will continue to be “taxed” with regulations. Its success and future will be determined by how we can safely and sustainably make the most of the opportunities shale presents.


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