Comtech Has NORM Certified Professionals

comtech-naturally-occurring-radioactive-materialNORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) is a major concern in the oil and gas production industry in oilfield pits, soil, and water. NORM is radioactive material that occurs in nature and is not considered source material.

TENORM is NORM in which the radioactivity has been enhanced by accumulation of NORM in pits, water, etc. NORM primarily accumulates in oil and gas waste when radium (Ra226) is dissolved and carried to surface by produced water. Radium is concentrated in scale and sludge when precipitate. Our NORM certified professionals can evaluate potential contaminant sources and present options for remediation, as well as assist in managing NORM storage and disposal. Comtech Industries, Inc. believes that client involvement plays an integral role in developing a plan of action to solve their environmental issues. When undertaking any environmental task Comtech considers the factors of safety, cost, risk, and community relations as priority items to its clients


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