The Comtech Way

We are truly committed to the highest standards of environmental, health, and safety performance. Because of this, we have challenged ourselves to develop a standard that can be used throughout our company – whether in the field or the office. Our people have adopted the mentality of achieving success driven by responsibility. With that, comes the birth of The Comtech Way: 7 Principles delivered through the behavior-based approach of safety leadership.

COMMUNITY: We are dedicated to creating a true partnership with our employees, customers, and neighbors with whom we share borders.

Ø INCIDENTS: Our goal is an incident and injury free workplace.

MENTORING: Best practices will guide us as we continue to teach, train, and mentor our personnel in a safe and responsible manner.

TEAMWORK: We share, work, and succeed together.

ENVIRONMENT: We are dedicated to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for current and future generations.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Our focus on data-drive decisions helps us set goals, measure performance, and ultimately, deliver results.

HAZARD AWARENESS: We are driven by a behavior-based safety culture and climate where everyone is responsible for identifying potential hazards and solutions strategies.