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Some of our FAQs are listed below.

 Q: What makes up your “Well Pad of the Future

A: We have developed a solutions-based approach for the industry’s greatest. Our Well Pad of the Future combines the following to help reduce the environmental footprint of the traditional pad and offer a long-tem cost savings. We apply or drilling services program, 1 Million Gallon Tanks, Flowback Treatment, and NORM Surveying and Composite Analysis to make up the pad of the future.

Q: What is the primary use for your tanks?

A: Our tanks are truly what set us apart. It’s an innovation unlike any other for well pad operations. Why? Because they hold more water in less space and are the driving force in water reuse. Our tanks can be used for freshwater, brine, frac water, flowback collection, and produced water.

Q: What is flowback?

A: Flowback water is the murky, salty water from fracking natural gas wells. It consists of frac fluid which returns to the surface along with the produced water. This water contains clay, soil, metals, and chemicals that may have been added in the process of the completion of the well. Comtech operates full-scale operational chemical/physical treatment and filtration systems to treat this water on the pad site or stationary treatment facilities.

Q: What is NORM?

A: Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material, otherwise known as NORM, includes materials found in the environment enriched with radioactive elements. During natural gas production, these elements are released into the atmosphere and found in industrial wastes or byproducts.

Q: Should NORM raise serious concerns?

A: Post-natural gas extraction NORM is no alarming. While radiation is found in the atmosphere after the production process, the levels Comtech has found are low. In fact, there is more radiation likely to be found in a brick home. The industry is, however, taking the appropriate measures to ensure responsible shale development and monitoring of NORM. Our Radiation Protection Program provides a third-party analysis for producers.

 Q: Is Comtech a registered contractor in ISNetworld?

A: Yes. Comtech is a certified grade-A Contractor registered in ISNetworld. For more on our record of safety, visit our Safety page.