Our Company

At Comtech, we are revolutionizing our use of the world’s resources…

Let’s face it, that is no small task to undertake.

 How have we done this?

We have risen to the challenges presented by the world market to design what we like to call, “The Well Pad of the Future” and rely on our chemistry innovation to develop energy efficient solutions that will change the world.  At Comtech, we strive to bring our innovation, integrity, and experience to develop and deliver solutions drastically improving operations for the Oil & Gas Industry and Industrial Facilities.

We didn’t get here overnight, and we have a plan to carry on our success. Learn more about our revolution…



About Comtech

INNOVATION. RELIABILITY. TRUST. VALUE.                         … All of these and more are what we bring to the field. Comtech Industries, Inc. is a leading value provider serving the unique needs of major Oil and Natural Gas Producers and Industrial Facilities. Since our inception, we have been challenged by the demands of the world … Continue Reading →


The safe way, the right way, all the time. We value our people, our customers, and our environment. Because of this, Comtech remains dedicated to proactively addressing needs and concerns related to health, safety, and the environment.  How Do We Achieve Safety? We believe in continuously educating our team on best … Continue Reading →

Executive Leadership

“Having vision means possessing a keen sense of what to do in order to maximize the potential of the company.”                              – Dean Grose, Chief Executive Officer Meet Our Executive Leadership Team Dean Grose, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Grose has been involved in the Specialty Chemical Treatment business for over 23 years.  Starting … Continue Reading →

The Comtech Way

We are truly committed to the highest standards of environmental, health, and safety performance. Because of this, we have challenged ourselves to develop a standard that can be used throughout our company – whether in the field or the office. Our people have adopted the mentality of achieving success driven by … Continue Reading →


Any revolution requires manpower… At Comtech, we recognize that our mission would not be accomplished without our biggest asset: our people. We believe that our team of employees and the knowledge, experience, and professionalism they bring to our valued customers is essential to our success. Our goal is to create an inclusive workplace that energizes … Continue Reading →

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about our goal, company, services, or the Well Pad of the Future, please contact us.  We are interested in hearing from you!     Please take a moment to fill out this form with your inquiry, comments, and contact information.   Corporate HQ: 1301 … Continue Reading →


Have a question? Please submit it in the form below: Some of our FAQs are listed below.  Q: What makes up your “Well Pad of the Future“ A: We have developed a solutions-based approach for the industry’s greatest. Our Well Pad of the Future combines the following to help reduce … Continue Reading →