10 Things We Love About Natural Gas

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are taking this space to list a few of the things we love about Natural Gas. Read on, we think you’ll find our top ten list to be pretty “sweet”…

#10: The Marcellus & Utica Shale have positively and greatly impacted our local economy while contributing to America’s energy independence.

#9: By 2020, it is expected that the United States of America will be the largest producer of oil and gas, surpassing Saudi Arabia.

#8: Hydraulic fracturing, an essential practice in the extraction of natural gas, is clean and most   efficient for natural gas production.

#7: Estimates indicate that Shale could add .5 percentage points each year to US GDP over the next ten years. With that in mind, the industry has the potential to create an $85 Billion economy from scratch.

#6: Approximately $406.7 Million was distributed to local communities impacted by shale development.

#5: The industry stresses the importance of safety and makes us all more aware of our surroundings and how we can get the job done safety and efficiently.

#4: As a result of the industry, natural gas prices have been lowered by an average of 45%.

#3: In 2012, shale production increased the U.S. household income by an average of $1,200.

#2: 88,000 individuals hold positions that can be traced to direct, indirect, and induced jobs supported by the industry.

#1: The booming industry allows us to do what we do best and that’s innovate solutions for safe and efficient operations from drilling to completions.



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